Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Where do you get the inner tubes from?

Often people ask us where we get the old inner tubes from. Well, first of all we live in Amsterdam, we have a lot of bicycles and therefore we have a lot of old inner tubes. Collecting them is more of a challenge. Since a few month Debbie from Social Workshop Pantar in Amsterdam comes ones a week and then she tours on an old-school 'bakfiets' along the bicycle repair men who support the project.
We did a little survey under the repair shops, asking how many tubes they throw away per day; between 3 and 15 was the answer, depending if they are into fixing or just put a new tube. Old tubes don't get recycled in a large way so most of them end up in the incinerator. We believe that in Holland 10 000 tubes get burned per day. We worked out that last year we turned the amount of one day into bags. Something should happen...