Monday, May 26, 2008


If you ever are in Utrecht go and visit this shop, it's great and from now mobach is selling KREJCI as well.

"Let's grow some more balls!"

Let’s grow some balls! by Doreen Westphal

Let´s grow some balls! is a combination of lounge chair and plant container from recycled plastic. The design is a spontaneous and yes; very direct reaction on the 'tegenlicht' documentary here in Holland which introduced the cradle2cradle production principle. Let's grow some balls! is a call to us designers to take more responsibility for the things we make.

I presented this object in april at the Salone Internazionale de Mobile as part of the Tuttobene ( exhibition in the Via Tortona.
Depending on the plants ones grows inside the ball the shape changes every time. Mediteranian herbal garden, tulips or exotic plants, you can even grow a roof but the chair keeps it's strong appearance.

Salone Internazionale de Mobile - If waste is food let me be your chef!

Just in time we finished our new items to take to the salone in Milan, the Lab Lamp made from old computer circuit boards and the plantball with the inspiring name "Let's grow some balls".

new things for paris and ambiente

in paris we presented our first items, not made from old innertubes but brand new ceramics. a birdshouse which we developed in the KREJCI Lab.

Moving into the Volkskrantbuilding

End of june 2007 we managed to get a space in the Volkskrantbuilding, a former office building of daily dutch paper.

This is phantastic place, my neighbours are all doing really interesting things, there is also a dance studio and the Canvas club on the top floor, there you can look over whole Amsterdam.