Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Two more days and we start a new year, good to take a moment to look back on 2008. The essence of what this year meant for me is probably best described with the words of a german environmental scientist who's name i unfortunately do not know anymore, but what she said was about this:

'Now that we have this huge economical crises we also have for the first time a realistic chance to reach the targets set by the protocol of Kyoto. '

I wish all of us stunning and great ideas and a lot of energy to create and built a whole new system for our future!

New Studio at Westerdok Amsterdam

KREJCI moved to a new studio, it is right in the center of Amsterdam yet we have the water of the Westerdok right in front of us. Now in the winter we smell the wood fires of our neighbours, the people who live on the boats opposite from us at the dock. In the summer we hope to enjoy the sun on the quay. At the moment it is still a bit of chaos but building works a moving fast!

Dutch Design Week 2008

For the first time Krejci took part in Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. On the picture you see our stand with some new items, a bicycle bag, picture frame and a floor cloth from inner tubes.
Further we introduced the idea of a double exit sink which is a sink with a second exit. This gives the opportunity to decide if water could be collected and used again or if it is definitely spoiled.

Tokyo Designers Week 2008

In November 2008 KREJCI took part in 'Created in Holland' a collective exhibition of Dutch designers during Tokyo Designers Week.

Watch this little movie to get an impression: