Friday, February 6, 2009

Quantz and G.tecz

Last week i had the fantastic opportunity to experiment with QUANTZ, an ultra high performance concrete by innovative german company G.tecz. These guys are great and they can optimize concrete in a way that you can really make anything from it, for example a coffee cup or a garden chair. Within architecture the can also optimize concrete so one needs a lot less of the material for a building as you would need from conventional concrete. On the photos are first examples of the 'QUANTZ' collection, soon more...

New York International Gift Fair

For the first time Krejci by Doreen Westphal was presented at NYIGF by the Wabnitz Collection and  was very well received by the visitors of the fair.
Two of our bags got selected for the special sustainability section at the entrance of the hall and people liked them so much that someone even managed to steel one of them despite 24 security watch.